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Maintaining a high profile in the library

One of the best things to read about the issue of our role and profile is the Manifesto by Joyce Valenza.

Once again sorting through all my accumulated papers I came across the Manifesto.  Here are some points I highlighted :

Some administrators have never seen a vibrant library program

The library is a growing organism

It is critical that we demonstrate and share

Learning should be authentic

Learning can (and should) be playful

Things I do from the Manifesto

I review and promote books in my own blogs

I regularly celebrate and promote reading

I organise the web for learners

I try to lead and see the big picture and let others see me seeing it.

The LIBRARY not a grocery store,


“You represent our brand (who the teacher-librarian is) as a 21st century information professional.  What does the information profession look like today?  Ten years from today? If you do not develop a strong vision, your vision will be usurped by the visions of others.  You will not be able to lead from the centre.”


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